1. Consultation & Evaluation

Expert advice to determine the optimal size of your solar system according to your needs, to maximize efficiency and savings on your electricity bill.

2. Proposal

We provide a tailored solar solution that accurately assesses proposal system size, brand, and budget for optimized solar/battery energy systems.

3. Audit

Our CEC accredited installer will conduct a site inspection to confirm inverter location and cable runs.

4. Acceptance

Once the proposal has been accepted and deposit has been paid, we get started with the DNSP approval. Then scheduling an Installation day, explaining your system in more depth and how you will be able to monitor the system. We endeavour to have this process take 3-4weeks

5. Installation day

Get your solar system installed hassle-free in just one day. Including setting up WIFI monitoring on our easy to use app so you can keep track of your system production.

6. Meter upgrade

Once the system has been finalised, your retailer (energy provider) will then upgrade/reconfigure your electrical meter to measure unused solar feeding back into the grid. Retailer will provide your feed in tariff rate and credit your bill. Remember the best way to save is self consumption!